Our Engineering Precision

The high precision engineering business that emphasises and demands precision has instilled in Global Mind a greater sense of importance in precision which has inevitably resulted in precision becoming not just a mantra but a work ethic in the company.

This underlying single-mindedness has led to company-wide efforts and attention to engineering precision — from precision in decision making to precision in choice of machinery and equipment, precision in attention to details, precision in operational efficiency, precision in organisational effectiveness… and a host of others right down to the most trivial of matters.

A culture of precision pervades in every layer, every level and every aspect of the organisation. This makes Global Mind a made-for-precision company and is an important integral component of the significant success that Global Mind has chalked up to date.

It is this upholding and strict adherence to precision that sets Global Mind to be different. Of significance is how with precision it effectively and seamlessly combined the invaluable human experience and expertise with state-of-the-art technology for the high-touch high-tech distinction of Global Mind.

It is the high-touch high-tech combination that enabled Global Mind to design the jig and fixture that is crucial to effectively customise products to the high precision requirements of customer each and every time. This is what it stands out for, always.