Our People

Touted as always as the greatest asset of any organisation, it is even more so in Global Mind, whose 50 employees, small in quantity but high in quality, make the difference. It is their individual experience and expertise which combined together give Global Mind an invaluable resource that even the most advanced of equipment and machinery will not be able to produce the high precision quality that Global Mind excels in.

Leading the quality team is founder and Managing Director Jason Siow, who has 17 years of experience in the business of precision machining and turning.

He spearheaded the family-run printing business’ diversification to include machining then. In those early days, he assembled a team of five with the relevant experience and skills and that began the venture into precision machining and turning.

Combined with his entrepreneurial drive, the team started with small jobs of contract machining. Jason Siow also picked up the skills through on-the-job experience and seeing the potential of the business, he took the bold step to set out on his own and establish Global Mind to focus on the business.

Some of the pioneer team members are still with him and together, they have successfully grown the business and break into the automotive and oil and gas industry to cater for their specific precision machining and turning requirements.

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